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Please note that the whole contents of EPPT has been transfered into EPPO Global Database (https://gd.eppo.int) and that the EPPT interface will no longer be maintained before the end of the year.
Former licenced users of the EPPO Codes can find tools and files in the EPPO Data Services (https://data.eppo.int).
EPPO Plant Protection Thesaurus

Welcome to EPPO Plant Protection Thesaurus (EPPT)

The EPPO Plant Protection Thesaurus (EPPT) covers organisms important in agriculture and crop protection: crops, pests (including pathogens and weeds), natural enemies, and organisms used in ecotoxicological studies. EPPT includes the core data files of the Bayer codes which were previously available as a set of books or data files. This coding system is now managed by EPPO and Bayer codes can now be called EPPO codes.

For each organism EPPT provides:

  • preferred scientific name
  • EPPO (Bayer) code
  • other scientific names
  • common names in many languages
  • taxonomic relationships and other classifications

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Last update : 2015-03-20