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EPPO Plant Protection Thesaurus


Fallopia japonica    ( POLCU ) 
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Other Scientific Names   Taxonomic Classification
Polygonum cuspidatum
Polygonum reynoutria
Polygonum sieboldii
Polygonum zuccarinii
Reynoutria japonica
Tiniaria japonica
  | Plantae
|--- Magnoliophyta
|------ Angiospermae
|--------- Basal core eudicots
|------------ Caryophyllales
|--------------- Polygonaceae
|------------------ Fallopia

Common Names   General Information
 [ de ]  japanischer Staudenknöterich
 [ de ]  Spiessknöterich
 [ de ]  spitzblättriger Knöterich
 [ en ]  Asiatic knotweed
 [ en ]  Japanese fleece flower
 [ en ]  Japanese knotweed
 [ en ]  Mexican bamboo
 [ es ]  reynoutria
 [ fr ]  renouée à feuilles en pointe
 [ fr ]  renouée du Japon
 [ it ]  poligono del Giappone
 [ ja ]  イタドリ
 [ ja ]  itadori
 [ nl ]  Japanse duizendknoop
 [ pl ]  rdestowiec ostrokończysty
 [ ru ]  горец остроконечный
 [ ru ]  горец японский
 [ ru ]  рейнутрия японская
 [ sv ]  parkslide
  ..:: Notes ::..
WSSA list of weeds in North America
Native to Japan. Cultivated as an ornamental and widely naturalized. Introduced and invasive in Central Russia. Invasive in UK. Regulated as an invasive species in Poland. Rated as having a high potential for biological control.

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