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EPPO Plant Protection Thesaurus


Salix babylonica    ( SAXBA ) 
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Other Scientific Names   Taxonomic Classification
Salix pendula
  | Plantae
|--- Magnoliophyta
|------ Angiospermae
|--------- Fabids
|------------ Malpighiales
|--------------- Salicaceae
|------------------ Salix

Common Names   General Information
 [ de ]  chinesische Hängeweide
 [ de ]  Napoleons-Weide
 [ de ]  Trauerweide
 [ en ]  mourning willow
 [ en ]  weeping willow
 [ es ]  sauce llorón
 [ fr ]  saule de Babylone
 [ fr ]  saule parasol
 [ fr ]  saule pleureur
 [ it ]  salice babilonese
 [ it ]  salice piangente
 [ ja ]  シダレヤナギ
 [ ja ]  shidare-yanagi
 [ nl ]  treurwilg
  ..:: Notes ::..
A species existing only in cultivation, probably originating in China or Central Asia. Grown as an ornamental tree in many parts of the world, including Europe and North America
WSSA list of weeds in North America

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