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Puccinia triticina    ( PUCCRT ) 
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Other Scientific Names   Taxonomic Classification
Puccinia dispersa f. sp. tritici
Puccinia perplexans var. triticina
Puccinia recondita f. sp. tritici
Puccinia recondita f. sp. triticina
Puccinia rubigo-vera f. sp. tritici
Puccinia rubigo-vera tritici
  | Fungi
|--- Basidiomycota
|------ Pucciniomycotina
|--------- Pucciniomycetes
|------------ Pucciniales
|--------------- Pucciniaceae
|------------------ Puccinia

Common Names   General Information
 [ de ]  Braunrost: Weizen
 [ de ]  Rost: Wiesenraute
 [ en ]  brown rust of wheat
 [ en ]  orange leaf rust of wheat
 [ es ]  roya de la hoja del trigo
 [ es ]  roya parda del trigo
 [ fr ]  rouille brune du blé
 [ fr ]  rouille des feuilles du blé
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