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Rosa laevigata    ( ROSLA ) 
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Other Scientific Names   Taxonomic Classification
  | Plantae
|--- Magnoliophyta
|------ Angiospermae
|--------- Fabids
|------------ Rosales
|--------------- Rosaceae
|------------------ Rosa

Common Names   General Information
 [ de ]  Cherokee-Rose
 [ en ]  cherokee rose
 [ es ]  rosier de los Cherokees
 [ fr ]  rosier des Cherokees
 [ nl ]  Cherokee rose
 [ ru ]  роза гладкая
 [ sv ]  cherokeerose
  ..:: Notes ::..
WSSA list of weeds in North America
Native to China and Indochina. Introduced as an ornamental into various parts of the world and in particular to eastern USA. State flower of Georgia (USA)

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